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11:44am 09/05/2003
mood: confused
i*m addicted to capri suns.
will someone be my friend??   
09:15am 14/03/2003
mood: listless
my mom is having her tube put back in today, so her and my dad will be gone most of the day.. that means i will be alone again for most of the day! :*( someone call me or come see me!
blah boring blah   
09:24am 03/03/2003
mood: rejuvenated
http://www.anteaters.com/terror.html i got that off of "damnportlanders".. isn*t it funny ? :0D

after i got back from dropping my sister off @ school,i came home and went walking for almost an hour! i was gonna try running, but i have decided that running is not for me. i*m sure, almost positively sure i could build slowly up and be able to run for long periods of time.. but i don*t feel the need to try that hard when their are plenty of other things to do... so oh well... i guess i will have to find something else..

? for marie::what time do you go to school in the morning? i was wondering so i could maybe call you and chat before you leave on some days... i get awful lonely!! :-x let me know..
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11:22am 25/02/2003
mood: bored
i want to travel and do yoga with the yogies..:-/
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from the weekend..   
04:26pm 24/02/2003
mood: apathetic
pictures!!!<3 take a look: http://future.boomspeed.com/rawrninja/photo3.html
thats from lizzie*s site. the picture of faiza is so beautiful. i love her eyes. if i was talened i could make a link, but i don*t know how??

i like candy with the title 'rocks' in it.
rocks on a string-
pop rocks~
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tell me, are you still pro-choice NOW!!!   
04:06pm 24/02/2003
mood: curious

no offense, but anyone who is pro-choice SICKENS me... i found this page from a girl that became pro-life seconds after looking at this page... she was pro-choice and is now pro-life(yay!!), after seeing these images. i didn't see the images because my computer is messed up, but i read the Hysterotomy Description and i couldn't believe what i read.... anyone that thinks this is ok has to be insane and needs a whole ton of help!!... you cannot tell me that pulling a baby out and drowning it, or sucking it's brain out is not MURDER. my heart goes out to all the poor little babies.... i hope someday this SICK world will realize how wrong it is to abort babies. the end.
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for my friend :D   
10:27am 22/02/2003
mood: groggy
Vote again...every day...once a day...until the 25th. Please. It's not much, and I'm sorry for asking you guys to do it again, but it means so much. One vote means the world. Thanks a lot.


Click on Studio 27 Vote now...


Thanks. I love you guys.
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yeahhhh haha.   
10:54pm 13/02/2003
mood: accomplished

See what drug you are.
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i got a jobby freddy.   
10:49am 08/02/2003
mood: discontent
i got a job. bleh. next tuesday-friday i have to go in @ 7:45 in de morning for all day training. 8 hours each day... this is still a on-call position, so i still need to look for another job. anyone help me?
hhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiii i wanna dieeeeeeeee   
08:38pm 29/01/2003
mood: aggravated
how many of you think that EVERYONE has hair on their butt? light or dark, just SOME? i am confused, everyone says no, but then i just asked my family and they said everyone does.
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the boat is sinking, and i will come and rescue you.   
09:19pm 28/01/2003
mood: whiny
i dyed my hair.
my foot itches.
that*s about all i have to tell you.
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down by the bay, where the watermelons grow..   
06:15pm 28/01/2003
mood: busy
onions give your eyes a burning sensation, but in a way i kinda like it... do you guys think i should keep my layout or think of another one? comments please.
today wasn't so bad...
i could get used to this i guess..
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u bore me. and you, and you, and you, and you...   
11:19pm 27/01/2003
  note to self: see if i can check my e-mail only ONCE a day.... do you guys think i can do it?  
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manda=bored. these are fun sometimes :()   
09:56pm 26/01/2003
mood: sleepy
o1. full name: Manda Nicole Willett
o2. hair color: dark blonde with light streaks
o3. eye color: green/blue
o4. height currently: 5'6??
o5. glasses/contacts: neither
o6. birthdate: march 12,1985
o7. starsign: picses

o1. have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: nope.
o2. have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex/did: yes, hasn*t everyone?
o3. do you have a "type" of person you always go after: nope! i like many different kinds of people.
o4. want someone you don't have right now: oh yesss.
o5. ever liked a close guy/girl friend: yes
o6. are you lonely right now: uh huh..
o7. ever afraid you'll never get married: nope. marriage is for suckers! (i sound like a 10 yr. old boy!) ha..
o8. do you want to get married: possibly, but i doubt it.
o9. do you want kids: no, and if so i'm going to adopt.

o1. room in house: my room and this chair.
o2. type of music: lots.
o3. song: hrmm...
o4. memory: growing up in nana and papa*s house, whenever my mom laughs, being with friends, first time driving, deaths, i could go on and on..
o5. day of the week: any day now that i don*t have school :()
o6. color: any really...
o7. perfume or cologne: rasberry,peach,coconut,clinique happy, coolwater,polo sport, some of my favorites:()
o8. flower: roses-black
o9: month: march cuz my birthday:()

o1. cried: nope
o2. bought something: yes, pants and a orange julius.
o3. gotten sick: i threw up yesterday cuz i ate waaay too much and ovaltine is GROSSS.
o4. sang: umm... yeah walking around today singing some song and i don*t know what it is..
o5. said i love you: um... not today i don*t think?
o6. wanted to tell someone you loved them but didn't?: uhh no.
o7. met someone new: nope.
o8. moved on: yes, tried at least...
o9. talked to someone: yes.
10. had a serious talk: yes.
11. missed someone: all the time :-/..
12. hugged someone: marie:()
13. kissed someone: nope.
14. fought with your parents: always.
15. dreamed about someone you can't be with: i don*t know how?
16. had a lot of sleep: yes.. usually i do get lot's.

* ? future
[do you want to get married] you already asked, no.
[if so, what age would you like to be married] way far from now.
[who will you marry] someone that i won't get tired of.
[what do you want to do when you grow up] do everything and anything i want to do.
[where will you live] here or some town near here..
[do you want to have kids] no.
[if so, how many] no.
[what would you name them] i like waaaay too many names that i make up, or are rare.

* ? favorites
[color] u suck man!
[food] ice cream.
[movie] blah.
[tv show] that 70*s show.
[beverage] water,shakes..choco milk.
[alcoholic beverage] i dunno, i*m not 21 yet..
[subject] photo
[teacher] mrs. murdock
[radio station] 97.9
[book] i don*t read much.
[holiday] any and all.
[sport] softball is coo.
[fast food] TacO BeLL
[color to wear] anything i like.. i don't like plain shirts.
[number] 77
[place to eat] haha, anywhere with good food
[ice cream flavor] too hard to decide man!!!

* ? other questions
[do you drink] not really
[do you smoke] no
[do you consider yourself attractive] no
[do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy] yes.
[do you have a cd burner] not right now grr.

* ? the last
[thing you ate] white cheddar shells, corn.
[thing you drank] water
[song you heard] felicity sound track-beth ortan
[show you watched] High school Reunion
[thing you said] "you theft!"
[person you saw] my dad...:-/
[person who called you] the nanny school asking me AGAIN if i want to be a nanny.
[person you called] uhh marie.
[person you hugged] my mom probably.
[last car you rode in] colleen's
tell me what do you see? yes, i*ve lost my mind.   
07:51pm 26/01/2003
mood: lonely
*piano music*.....
can you hear me?
am i getting through to you?
is it late there?
theirs a laughter on the line,
are you sure you're there alone?
cuz i am trying to explain..
somethings wrong.
you just don't sound the same.
why don't you, why don't you go outside, go outside..
kiss the rain!
whenever you need me.
kiss the rain,
whenever i'm gone too long
if your lips feel lonely and thirsty,
kiss the rain and wait for the dawn.
keep in mind,
we're under the same skys,
and the nights,
as empty for me,
as for you.
do you miss me?
i hear you say you do,
but not the way i'm missing you.
**not the end, but just the best part**
i like this song alot... it is about how i feel right now. :*(
tomorrow is going to be weird.. it*s gonna feel like i am on summer break, but no one else is.. hrmm... you guys i*m going to be so bored!!!! :*( i know you don*t care cuz i don*t have any school, but this weekend has been terrible(except today)... i want to leave so bad.. today i went downtown with mike and marie, they are the best. i am so thankful that i got to leave. thanks guys.
i want to go shopping!!!!!!   
10:28pm 24/01/2003
mood: anxious
i like hot topic muchly :oD:

my birthday is in 2 months *wink wink*
someone please get online & talk to me!!<<<
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a song that i liked. shows from the fetus*s point of view!   
09:47pm 24/01/2003
mood: bored
Execution [24 Jan 2003|10:50pm]


Watch while I'm burned in salt
tell me now where's my fault
I'm torn in two, you pull me through
oh ignore my shout now scrape me out
Oh nation murders me, me, me
Suck me down your hose
pieces of my fingers and toes
use me to rew your lab rat stew
oh dissolve my voice for your woman's choice
my execution, it's your revolution
spill my blood on "civil" hands
and I pay to make you free
oh, nation murders me
yeah, with politicians dreams
now silencing my screams, screams, screams
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05:01pm 24/01/2003
mood: loved
kelly osbourne rocks my socks<3
i don*t want to be a fat old lady.   
02:03pm 24/01/2003
mood: full
my poopy won*t come out.
close minded people bug me. i hope i am not like that.. PLEASE help me if i am!!!<<
i suck i can*t run more than 10 minutes..
this post is very random.
(to all salem people who read my journal)   
11:55am 23/01/2003
mood: murderous
did anyone read this article?:http://news.statesmanjournal.com/article.cfm?i=55429
this world is so sick... i wonder what really happened... i feel so bad for her parents and friends... i know lizzie is friends with her, so when i saw this i was shocked. i*m sorry lizzie, i hope everything gets sorted out with this...:*(